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Episode 7: What do the words ‘energy’ and ‘data’ have in common?

December 13, 2019

They’ve both been incredibly polarizing.

Energy and data both have economic and social benefits, and have been vital for work and our communities. But the energy and technology sectors have also been criticized for similar issues, from not doing enough for climate change to marginalizing people without voice and power.

The world of social impact has found it particularly challenging to engage with people who believe radically different things — but now more than ever, it’s critical to go beyond our own bubble. 

So, how do we create lasting impact in an era of misunderstanding and polarization? 

We invited Open Government Activist, Bianca Wylie, and Director of Energy Futures Lab, Chad Park, for a juicy conversation on how changemakers can navigate polarizing issues such as data privacy and energy in an era of misunderstanding and division. 

Queue this up. You’ll learn a ton.